The network

The aim of the network is to establish Applied European Contemporary History as a basic academic discipline in Europe. In doing so it aims to contribute to the advancement of Public and Applied History with special attention to the question of how the production of historical knowledge can be democratised. At the same time, the network strives to contribute to the Europeanisation of university curricula regarding history and cultural studies.

These aims cannot be reached by a single institution but only within the fruitful and enriching atmosphere of a network. Transnational and transdisciplinary exchange is at the very heart of this network and put into practice in different ways.

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Head of the project



Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Judith Brand / Forum ZFD / Consortium
  • Prof. Dr. Damir Arsenijevic / University of Tuzla / Consortium


  • Judith Mayer / Ettersberg Foundation Weimar / Consortium
  • Dr. phil.Ljubinka Petrovic-Ziemer / Akademie für Konflikttransformation im Forum ZFD / Consortium
  • Dr. Jochen Voit / Ettersberg Foundation Weimar / Consortium