Our network aims to bridge the gap between regional, disciplinary and academic cultures to explore how to establish Applied European Contemporary History as a new Europe related sub-discipline of historical science.

It comprises members active in academia, NGOs, museums and memorial sites from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Poland, and Serbia. The network is part of the Jean Monnet Activities 2016 — 2019 which are co-funded by the European Union. Its activities are coordinated at the University of Jena.

What is AECH


Jena, 16 February 2017 — 17 February 2017

The first network meeting. The substance and structure of the collaboration

Brussels, 08 June 2017

Jean Monnet Cluster Meeting in Brussels

Erfurt, 07 November 2017

Network meeting: Discussing further activities, visit to the memorial site Andreas-Straße

Jena, 07 November 2017 — 09 November 2017

International conference: Public and Applied History on the Battlefield of Europe. Dealing with Painful Pasts in the 20th Century. First conference of the Jean Monnet Network “Applied European Contemporary History”

Jena, 10 November 2017

Meeting of the Advisory Board


Brussels, 14 February 2018 — 16 February 2018

Preparing to implement the first phase of the Teaching Module ‘Applied Contemporary European History’; visit to the House of European History

Wrocław, 02 July 2018 — 05 July 2018

1st Summer school: Studying Public History – Methods, Difficulties, Perspectives

Sarajevo, 18 October 2018 — 21 October 2018

Network meeting: Review and assessment of the first phase of the Teaching Module

Sarajevo, 18 October 2018 — 20 October 2018

Meeting of the Advisory Board


Roundtable: Applied European Contemporary History: A new way to study European history


Wrocław, 06 March 2019 — 07 March 2019

The PUBLIC in Public and Applied History

Belgrade, 22 June 2019 — 28 June 2019

2nd Summer school Applied European Contemporary History: Public History, Contested Pasts and Politics of Mourning